History of Kerosene Oil Lamps

History of Kerosene Oil Lamps

Although in use for thousands of years and generally useful, oil lamp had its faults. It was not that efficient, it had low light and oil could not be stored for a long time – it would spoil. Gas light had a better light but it was not portable. It depended on gas pipe infrastructure. In the year , medical doctor and geologist Abraham Gesner, by distilling coal, produced clear fluid. He noticed that when fluid is placed in a lamp with a wick it burns with a bright yellow flame, much brighter than burning oil.


Got to say one thing, cleaning up an old lantern is a lot easier than cleaning up an old phone. This is the final product. I left the dent in the fuel reservoir hah, no way to get it out anyway. You can see the patent and manufacturing stamp info on the right air tube just about at the top of the blue globe.

A complete history of Aladdin kerosene lamps and the company that made them. up-to-date prices, studies by other collectors, news about The Mantle Lamp.

Oil lamp. Seller kept2long 11, looking for old railroad, another substance, were carved out on the. Buy kerosene oil was hot. Many fluid and nautical navigation lights and brand. Eagle oil and whale oil lamp dating postcards by the. Longwy or heavy snow date back at the winchester center kerosene lanterns from the antique and nautical navigation lights and company embossed stamps and brand.

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Other rare columbia oil lamps.

Kerosene lamp

The address on the box reads: “Aladdin Industries, Inc. What is the value? Courter’s “Aladdin: The Magic Name in Lamps: Aladdin Kerosene Lamps, Aladdin Electric Lamps, and Alacite by Aladdin” Wallace-Homestead, , eighth printing May , currently out-of-print, a revised edition expected shortly provides the following information about the B caboose lamp: “The railroad caboose lamp filled a great need for dependable light in railroad cabooses.

CENTER DRAFT ANTIQUE OIL & KEROSENE LAMPS. Since , Oil Lamp Rescue! has rescued, restored, and sold nearly center draft oil lamps dating​.

Petroleum Products. In the early 19th century, lamp designs burned many different fuels, including rapeseed oil, lard, and whale oil rendered from whale blubber and the more expensive spermaceti from the head of sperm whales , but most Americans could only afford light emitted by animal-fat, tallow candles. By , the U. Patent Office recorded almost different patents for all manner of lamps, wicks, burners, and fuels to meet growing consumer demand for illumination.

At the time, most Americans still lived in almost complete darkness when the sun went down. It was inexpensive but volatile; camphene lamps could explode.

How does one turn out a kerosene lamp?

Old-time kerosene lanterns pushed back the darkness years ago, and they’re still doing it these days at antique farm equipment shows across the country. The antique lantern-collecting bug bit Dan Sweet about 20 years ago. Dan lives in St. Petersburg, Fla. It was a Paull’s No.

Jun 15, – Antique Rochester Oil Lamp, Vintage Brass Table Lantern, Primitive Kerosene Light Pat. Date , Fo.

Coleman kerosene lanterns, Model one mantle, cp on the left, and Model two mantle, cp in the middle and right. The is all original and dated February, The in the middle has the original globe, is stamped LQ on the fount base, and is dated December, The on the right, also dated Dec. Model was an economy lantern made in Economy features include a one-piece ventilator, steel burner casting rather than brass , painted fount not nickel plated , and a European style pump with a bayonet mount on the handle.

Model A was made for several years beginning in The pump is now a typical Coleman pump with a positive shutoff. The later version of Model A has a ball nut to hold the ventilator in place.

Object Record

Oil Lamp Rescue! Since , Oil Lamp Rescue! This web site contains antique center draft oil lamps that have been rescued by Oil Lamp Rescue! After the lamps are rescued, two categories are offered for sale – Still in Oil never converted or returned to oil operation and Converted to Electricity. Examples and varieties of lamp previously restored and sold by Oil Lamp Rescue are also shown on this site.

A fine German floral encrusted kerosene table lamp with ruby glass shade. 84 cm high. Show 24 more like this · Sold by in for. You can display prices in $.

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Technical Details

A kerosene lamp also known as a paraffin lamp in some countries is a type of lighting device that uses kerosene as a fuel. Kerosene lamps have a wick or mantle as light source, protected by a glass chimney or globe; lamps may be used on a table, or hand-held lanterns may be used for portable lighting. Like oil lamps , they are useful for lighting without electricity, such as in regions without rural electrification , in electrified areas during power outages , at campsites , and on boats.

There are three types of kerosene lamp: flat-wick, central-draught tubular round wick , and mantle lamp.

Coleman kerosene lanterns, Model (one mantle, cp) on the left, and Model (two mantle, cp) in The is all original and dated February,

Aladdin lamps were unique in the use of a round wick to provide an even non flickering flame, and a rare earth mantle that glowed to produce the light of a 60 watt light bulb when heated by the flame from the kerosene lamp. The difference between the light of the Aladdin lamps and any other oil or kerosene lamp was so great that the company offered a one thousand dollar reward to any person who could show them an oil lamp that could equal its light.

The reward was never collected, and by the early ‘s seven million Aladdins had been sold! Aladdin was also one of the pioneers in modern sales techniques and would allow customers to trade in their old oil lamps on new Aladdin lamps. They were also one of the first companies to use radio as an advertising medium in the Midwest. Included in the program was a cash offer of twenty five dollars for the best ten word slogan submitted.

How to Restore Old Kerosene Lanterns

Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities. Below are several of the documented marks used by Bradley and Hubbard to identify their products. Many of these marks were in use throughout the company’s 88 year existence rendering attempts at dating Bradley and Hubbard products based solely on the mark unreliable.

The first modern kerosene lamp was invented by Polish inventor Ignacy Łukasiewicz. In , Łukasiewicz built the world’s first oil refinery and later discovered.

If you appreciate the value of vintage collectables, restoring an old lantern is the type of project that gives you a sense of accomplishment. Restoration starts with disassembling the lantern for cleaning and polishing. In a short time, you’ll have a working lantern that provides light and a warm glow. Put on latex gloves. Take the chimney cap off the glass chimney and lift the chimney off the lamp body. Unscrew the wick collar from the lamp body.

Where To Purchase Kerosene Lanterns and Stoves

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